Tuesday 19th June 2018 was a truly momentous day in the fight for greater access to medical cannabis under prescription. 6 Year Old Alfie Dingley became the first person to benefit from a long term special licence to access medical cannabis in the UK and the Home Secretary announced that the Government will review more general access to medical cannabis.

It is hard to overstate the enormity of these developments. In the context of patient access to medical cannabis they are historic. Enormous thanks to everyone who continues to support to our campaign. It’s your support that has made this possible. But magnificent that these advances are, there is now an enormous amount of work ahead to make sure that the Government review delivers the widest appropriate range of access to medical cannabis under prescription. For that reason, we urge people to continue to support us by signing the petition on this page and sharing our social media postings as widely as possible.

In addition, we are inviting and encouraging people to share their medical cannabis stories with us.

Thanks so much to all of our supporters.

The End Our Pain Team


The End Our Pain campaign warmly welcomes the bold and decisive move of the RCN at their May 2018 conference to support decriminalisation of cannabis for medical use on the basis that patients should be allowed to take the drug to reduce pain or control symptoms. The conference backed the view that it is inhumane to have people suffering when there is something available that can help.

This move intensifies the unstoppable momentum for change amongst medical professionals and politicians alike. The UK Government’s position that cannabis has no medical benefit flies in the face of the growing body of evidence to the contrary and is becoming untenable. Over 40 countries worldwide have some form of legal access to cannabis for medical use. The Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and a number of MPs from other Parties all now support a change in the law.
People benefitting from medical cannabis are patients, not criminals and should be treated as such. As well as the medical benefit of medical cannabis for patients, we share the RCN’s view that legalising access to cannabis for medical use would protect patients from disreputable dealers and prevent them being treated as criminals.

Alfie is 6 years old and suffers from a very rare form of epilepsy.

He suffers from clusters of 20-30 seizures per day every 7-10 days, all of which require hospitalisation and treatment with drugs which his UK doctor has said will cause him mental and physical illness because he had to be given so much before medical cannabis .

Only medical cannabis gives him significant relief from his symptoms, but access to medical cannabis remains illegal in the UK. In desperation his family have spent months in Holland where treatment with medical cannabis is legal.

The results have been dramatic.

With such treatment, his seizures come once every 27 days on average and they are less severe.

But Alfie and his family can no longer afford to live in Holland and have had to return home without one of his cannabis medications as it is illegal in the UK. Alfie and his family are campaigning to get the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to issue a licence allowing Alfie access to medical cannabis here in the UK.

We’re fully behind them.

Alfie’s case is yet more evidence that medical cannabis works.

Please sign the petition on this site.

Opinion Poll shows 68% support Medical Cannabis.

EndOurPain was pleased to publish results of an opinion poll of UK adults conducted on our behalf by Populus on 13th September 2016. The poll found that 68% are supportive of the stated aims of our campaign, with only 12% opposed. The poll coincided with the publication of the most detailed Parliamentary report ever on the subject along with the most comprehensive review of global evidence into the use of cannabis as a medicine ever undertaken.

The report, supported by over 100 MPs and Peers, emphatically urged the government to move on this issue.

The poll shows that the British public understand that these people are patients, not criminals. We urge the government to respond positively to the results of this poll and to the Parliamentary report.

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