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APPG Discusses the Future of Medicinal Cannabis

APPG members convened at the Portcullis House to discuss the development and future of medical cannabis prescription. The discussion touched briefly on how legislative reforms transition into action, where prices and supply are expected to settle to an equilibrium in the short-term after temporary fluctuations post=-opening up a previously-absent market in medical cannabis. The group’s […]

Home Office Responds to ACMD Recommendations

The Home Office (HO) and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) responded to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) in a letter dated  11 Sep 2018. The Government reiterated its intent to reschedule cannabis for medicinal purposes. The HO, DHSC and MHRA agree with all ACMD recommendations, but wish to redefine […]

End Our Pain releases ‘A Patients Guide to Accessing Medical Cannabis’

End Our Pain is pleased to announce that we have released ‘A Patients Guide to Accessing Medical Cannabis.’ We created this comprehensive guide as part of our commitment to ensuring that every patient who would benefit from medical cannabis can secure access. We know that for many families with loved ones trying to secure a […]

Government announces cannabis-derived medicinal products to be made available on perscription

We welcome the announcement made today that cannabis-derived medicinal products are to be made available under prescription. It marks another monumental step forward for the campaign for access to medical cannabis under prescription. We now need clarity from the government on exactly what medicines will be available and how they will be regulated.  Ending up […]


On July 19th, End Our Pain had an incredibly productive day in our fight for better access to medical cannabis. Our All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Medical Cannabis Under Prescription convened for its second meeting, where Tonia Antoniazzi MP was appointed Co-Chair of the APPG alongside Sir Mike Penning MP. They were joined by Vice-Chairs […]

Sophia Gibson receives landmark licence to access medical cannabis.

MEDICAL CANNABIS: SOPHIA GIBSON RECIEVES LANDMARK LICENCE Today, 13th July 2018, Sophia Gibson who has severe epilepsy has been granted the first long-term licence for the use of medical cannabis in the UK by the newly announced medical panel. Sophia, from Newtonards, Country Down suffers from a genetic condition which causes frequent and dangerous fits […]

Professor Mike Barnes, who led the team that secured Alfie Dingley the first ever long team licence to access medical cannabis slams the newly established panel.

Professor Mike Barnes, Sir Mike Penning the chair of the new APPG on medical cannabis and Peter Carroll, campaign director of End Our Pain have all expressed serious concerns about the new medical cannabis expert panel announced this week: Chair of the APPG on Medical Cannabis Under Prescription Sir Mike Penning MP said, ‘The new […]


Tuesday 19th June 2018 was a truly momentous day in the fight for greater access to medical cannabis under prescription. 6 Year Old Alfie Dingley became the first person to benefit from a long term special licence to access medical cannabis in the UK and the Home Secretary announced that the Government will review more […]


The End Our Pain campaign warmly welcomes the bold and decisive move of the RCN at their May 2018 conference to support decriminalisation of cannabis for medical use on the basis that patients should be allowed to take the drug to reduce pain or control symptoms. The conference backed the view that it is inhumane […]

Alfie is 6 years old and suffers from a very rare form of epilepsy

He suffers from clusters of 20-30 seizures per day every 7-10 days, all of which require hospitalisation and treatment with drugs which his UK doctor has said will cause him mental and physical illness because he had to be given so much before medical cannabis . Only medical cannabis gives him significant relief from his […]