APPG Discusses the Future of Medicinal Cannabis

APPG members convened at the Portcullis House to discuss the development and future of medical cannabis prescription. The discussion touched briefly on how legislative reforms transition into action, where prices and supply are expected to settle to an equilibrium in the short-term after temporary fluctuations post=-opening up a previously-absent market in medical cannabis.

The group’s discussions gravitate toward two issues. Firstly, existing prejudices and perceptions against cannabis in the medical community may obstruct application to the interim licensing council for accessing medical cannabis. Secondly, information about cannabis for medicinal use come at different levels and the lack of a credible authoritative source culminates in a situation where mixed and conflicting messages misinforms both patients and clinicians alike.

As such, the group recommends that the strategy for moving forward would be standardization. Implementing a program of education and training for practitioners and establishing protocols in prescribing cannabis for medicinal use ensure that distributive channels are safeguarded against abuse and misuse. The priority is to ensure that patients in need can access medicine they need safely and promptly.