12 November 2018

Parents of Epileptic Children Criticize Guidance on Medical Cannabis




3 November 2018

Epilepsy Families Angry at Lack of Access to Medicinal Cannabis



1 November 2018

Mother Says Cannabis Oil Has Been Saviour For Epileptic Son Alfie


31 October 2018

Medical Cannabis Rolled Out But Are NHS Guidelines Too Narrow?




30 October 2018

Medical Cannabis Treatments in UK to be Limited Over Doctors’ Fears and Lack of Regulation Over New Law



29 October 2018





22 October 2018

Epileptic Boy Now Attends School and Can Even Ride A Bike Thanks To Taking Cannabis Oil



17 September 2018

Family’s Despair Over Medical Cannabis Refusal



15 September 2018

Just who is going to get medical cannabis on the NHS?




12 September 2018

Desperate Family Turns to Black Market



5th September 2018

The parents struggling for medicinal cannabis to treat their children’s epilepsy



5th September 2018

 Licensing Systems inefficient in responding to needs of the critically ill



2nd August 2018

Government should be bold on prescribing whole plant cannabis oils




28th July, 2018

Three year battle over as Northern Ireland girl Sophia (7) granted cannabis oil licence



26th July 2018

Cannabis-based medicines get green light as UK eases rules




14th July 2018

Sophia Gibson, 7, granted long-term use of cannabis oil




13th July 2018

Sophia Gibson gets medical cannabis licence in ‘lifesaving’ UK landmark decision’ says mum



10th July 2018

‘Momentous occasion’ as epileptic boy’s mother brings cannabis oil into UK.




12th July 2018

Professor Mike Barnes on BBC Victoria Derbyshire discussing medical cannabis

1st July 2018

Medicinal Cannabis ‘not fit for purpose’ as professor slams Westminster drug review





19th June 2018

Incredible moment Alfie Dingley’s mum finds out he can have cannabis medication




19th June 2018

Alfie Dingley to get medical cannabis – Sajid Javid




19th June 2018

I’m a Tory MP and I’ll go abroad and get Alfie Dingley’s banned cannabis oil for him myself – Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP





1st May 2018

Medical Cannabis should be legalised says Royal College of Nursing




20th March 2018

Alfie Dingley’s medical cannabis petition handed to government



20th March 2018

The boy who took his battle for medical cannabis all the way to No. 10



20th March 2018

Sir Patrick Stewart Urges cannabis treatment for boy with epilepsy




17th March 2018

Hannah Deacon: They pump my brave boy Alfie with steriods when what he needs is cannabis




7th March 2018

Former minister lends support to campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis



1st March 2018

Home Office considers cannabis oil trial to help boy with epilepsy




23rd February 2018

MPs must show compassion to give my son Alfie the life he deserves




17th February 2018

Mother urges the NHS to give her six-year-old son cannabis oil to stop him having up to 30 epileptic fits a day